Our mission is to help businesses build great teams. Great teams start with the right people, and at Whozwho, we strive to ensure that all our users can make faster, better and smarter hiring decisions quickly and seamlessly.

We are always pleased when we hear great feedback about our hard work in making this reality for our users. To this end, we are excited to announce that FinancesOnline, one of the fastest growing and respected SaaS software review sites, has awarded Whozwho two awards in their review of our platform.

In this review, the expert team at FinancesOnline undertook an in-depth analysis of our platform and awarded us the Great User Experience award and Rising Star award for 2018. FinancesOnline also awarded us a positive 8/10 which is a fantastic achievement and testament to the hard work done by our team.

We are particularly proud of the Great User Experience award which recognizes the best applicant tracking software that show simple, easy to use interfaces and more importantly, intuitive functionality.

The expert reviewers at FinancesOnline were impressed by Whozwho’s unique value to customers, stating “While there are many applicant tracking and ranking platforms capable of automatically sorting out candidates based on skills, expertise, education, and location, Whozwho is different as it allows you to input personality preferences”. Whozwho is proud to stand apart in this regard with the ability for any employer regardless of size and scale to be able to test every single candidate instantly to ensure that they can find the right fit. Our tool was also recommended in the platform’s what is applicant tracking software guide.

The review further acknowledged the benefit of Whozwho to employers in achieving faster and better quality hires stating that “Employers, managers, and HR representatives will spend less time posting for a position, reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates. Whozwho does a bulk of that work for them. Not only that, by using Whozwho, you are reducing the likelihood of choosing the wrong candidate and therefore increasing employee retention rates.”

Build your great team today.

If you are thinking of ways to improve your business and need the tools to find your next great teammate, try Whozwho for free. You can define your ideal candidates in minutes and post to your social channels or some of the largest job boards in the world to start receiving candidates that match your unique business.

Intelligent Recruitment with Whozwho

Whozwho has built a system of user-driven algorithms to streamline the recruitment process. The decision process is user-defined, meaning that the outcomes can be trusted to follow your unique selection methods and priorities.