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Hire the right people, faster. Use our hiring assistant to uniquely sort, rank and prioritise the right candidates your way.

Hire with confidence

Whozwho uses advanced behavioural science to help you take the guesswork out of recruitment, by giving you an in depth view of who is who, in your shortlist.

Achieve faster, better, hiring results

Take the tedious task of sorting mountains of resumes and spend 70% less time interviewing while reducing turnover by up to 60%

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What is Whozwho?

The Whozwho platform enables employers to hire for “Job Fit” empowering you with advanced behavioural science tools, powerful one click job board and social posting tools and the power to set your own methodology to shortlist, sort, prioritise and quickly select candidates your way

Key Benefits

  • Spend 70% less time interviewing

  • Reduce turnover by up to 60%

  • Increase confidence in hiring the right person

  • One-click posting to job boards and social media

  • Spend 80% less time short listing

Whozwho is a trusted Indeed global partner

This means every job you raise on the Whozwho platform is fully integrated to the Indeed Apply process. Once you have set up a position on Whozwho the candidate application form is automatically generated to the indeed platform ensuring a seamless experience for your candidates.

Easily clone any position the next time you are hiring and all the work is done in an instant.

Automatically rank your candidates

Hire for cultural fit today!

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How it works

Set position information

It’s easy and takes just minutes to set basic position information like pay and employment type. And should you need it, the Whozwho platform provides lots of flexibility.

Set personality and selection requirements

Not only can Whozwho rank candidates on dozens of selection requirements, like Experience, Education & Work Availability, but personality too!

One-click multi-post your job to social and job boards

Whozwho’s list of supported social networks and job boards continues to grow with seamless integrations to a large number of platforms. We take care of all the posting, so your job is advertised as broadly as possible.

View your candidate in shortlist in real time

Our algorithms work in the background to sort your candidates in real time, based on the personality and selection requirements you set! Instead of reading hundreds of applications manually, you can start by viewing the applicants Whozwho has determined are likely to have the best fit!

What is Whozwho?

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Automatically rank your candidates

Hire for cultural fit today!

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